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El Deseo Restaurant – Plaza de la Romanilla – (Granada).

Our restaurant is located in the historic centre of Granada. Our heartfelt desire is that our diners enjoy the finest Mediterranean cuisine, fusing Italian and Granada’s cuisine, served with the best local wine, and with a twist, thus setting us apart from all other restaurants in the area.

El Deseo Restaurant, Granada
The restaurant features select architecture with a contemporary façade, surrounded by large windows that face the cobblestones of the square and fill our venue with light, creating a pleasant and charming atmosphere where it’s easy to sit back, enjoy and let time go by.

In addition, we want to be innovative at “El Deseo” restaurant; we offer delicious dishes for all tastes, but with a modern touch that makes the experience, coupled with our attentive waiters, an unforgettable one you’ll be eager to repeat.

This innovative spirit of excellence has enabled us to win the third edition of the “Tapas de Granada” contest, the first one in which our restaurant participated, with the tapa Falso atún (False tuna). It was a source of great pride for all of us. It encourages us to continue growing day by day for all our customers and to offer them the best service, the most exquisite food and the finest wine always.

All our customers have to do is come and enjoy our privileged location, the people of their choice, and of course, our savoury dishes and wines.

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